In two days, I will be twenty five years old. Growing up, I always thought 25 sounded so old. That by the time I was 25, I would obviously have everything figured out and be so very wise. But, now that I am practically 25, I realize that’s just simply not the case. Am I wiser than I was at 15? Well, I sure hope so. But do I have it all figured out? Definitely not. Not even close. But I have learned just a few things in my 25 years of existence. Twenty-five things, in fact. What a coincidence, right? Crazy. 
In 25 years, I have learned….
1. It’s ok to have “me” time, and in fact, it’s actually good for you to spend time alone. (yes, it took me 25 years to figure out what some of you knew at age 5)
2. To never, ever, under any circumstances sacrifice who you are and what you believe for anyone else. Anyone.
3. Things can always be much, much worse, regardless of how bad you think it is.
4. To take time and listen instead of just talk. You never know what you will learn.
5. True friends are there through thick, thin, good, bad and ugly.
6. Regardless of how crazy, dysfunctional, overbearing or insane they might be at times, family is precious and we should value every minute we have with them.
7. Bad decisions, awful outfits and all your most embarrassing moments…end up on Facebook.
8. Eating right, exercising regularly and taking care of myself means more than how I look on the outside.
9. That tomorrow is always a new day.
10. Make an effort to stay in touch with those friends who live far away.
11. It’s okay to not be good at everything. Failing builds character.
12. Try new things. New food, new hobbies…whatever. Just try it. You never know what you may like, love, or make a career of.
13. If you have the opportunity to travel, take it. You never know when you will have another chance.
14. And when you have that opportunity, take full advantage of it. Don’t spend your entire trip in fancy hotels and restaurants. Go exploring.
15. In all your relationships (friends, family, significant others) love deeply with all your heart. Even if it gets broken in the end, it’s worth it.
16. In every situation, learn something. Good or bad, just learn something. Life is too precious to keep making the same mistakes over and over.
17. To know what I deserve and settle for nothing less…at work or at home.
18. If you want something, go for it. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do something.
19. Be proud of your flaws. No one is perfect.
20. When to walk away. From a job, from a relationship, from a friendship, from a bad conversation. Trust your instincts.
21. That it’s ok to put your phone on silent and be “disconnected” for a few hours. Even a whole day. Surprisingly, you can still breathe without your phone. Crazy.
22. To admit when I’m wrong, but to not apologize for something I didn’t do.
23. The news, as it turns out, is not just for senior citizens and your parents. It’s good to know what’s going on in the world around you.
24. Find joy in the small things…a child’s laugh, getting a green light, not burning dinner, getting off work 10 minutes early, hearing your favorite song on the radio…whatever it may be, appreciate it.
25. And last but certainly not least, I have learned that without a building a foundation in something much bigger than myself, I will never be happy. Fancy clothes, nice dinners, new cars, a promotion at work, an expensive house and a busy social life does not mean I will be happy. Life is much bigger than what we have on this earth.
Until next time…xoxox
“Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moths and vermin destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moths and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal.”
Matthew 6:19-20

springtime playlist

  1. Let Your Love Grow Tall – Passion Pit
  2. Feel it All Around – Washed Out
  3. Pretender – Miike Snow
  4. Lonely Boy – The Black Keys
  5. Hit the Ground – The Big Pink
  6. Ready for the Floor – Lissy Trullie
  7. Love Interruption – Jack White
  8. We are the People – Empire of the Sun
  9. The Longer I Run – Peter Bradley Adams
  10. Dancing on my own – Robyn
  11. Crush – Shelly Fraley
  12. Devils Hearts Grow Gold – La Sera
  13. Zap Zap – Cut Copy
  14. Go Outside – Cults
  15. Kids – MGMT
And in case you guys were wondering… only 11 more days until my big 25th birthday! : )

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